A friendly hello from Austria from us, the Öhlinger family from Linz! There are four of us: Father Manfred and mother Birgit, both 44 years old, and our two children Susanne, 15, and Stefan, 13. With the help of my diary notes, I, Birgit, tell you about our unforgettably beautiful camping vacation, which we just spent at the fantastically beautiful Millstätter See in Carinthia.


The culprit of our vacation happiness was a show-off named Max from Stefan's class. The brat had been on vacation with his parents in the spring in the Comfort Camping Park Burgstaller and bragged about it at every opportunity. The site had to be the purest paradise for camping on Lake Millstatt in Carinthia. "What he claims, you can deduct at least half of it," Stefan said annoyed to me. "Let's take a look at that right now!", I decided, grabbed my notebook and called up the Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller. Together we looked at the screen: Awesome! Max hadn't exaggerated a bit. The camping in Döbriach on Lake Millstatt not only has everything, but more, to make camping enthusiasts happy all around. Manfred had hardly come home from work when the kids and I ambushed him with our wish to spend our camping vacation in this year's summer vacations exactly there. No sooner said than done - and thank you, Max!


Camping in Carinthia on the lake: In the comfort camping park Burgstaller we were exactly right. Instead of just a section of beach, the campsite guests had an entire bay at their disposal on Lake Millstatt with a sunbathing lawn, its own bathing jetty, water slides, sand playground, rental cabins and beach buffet. We also had access to a sailing and surfing school, as well as electric, sail and pedal boat rentals. Everything was very well maintained. And the sanitary facilities of the campground area: we had never seen anything like it! Downright artistically designed faucets and sinks, charming murals, nostalgic lanterns and plant arrangements gave these otherwise sober-purposeful rooms a special feel-good atmosphere while maintaining hygiene. We had arrived with our own caravan and needed only a parking space. On site, there are also rental caravans and beach apartments available. Also gastronomically everything stands to the best: A restaurant and a pizzeria restaurant hold delicious delicacies ready. And the campsite's own discotheque Almstub'n offers events for young and old. In addition to restaurant visits at the campsite and on the road, we supplied ourselves. Right on the campsite Burgstaller is a self-service market with everything a camper's heart desires: food including daily fresh rolls from the bakery, plus the exchange of gas bottles.


In our camping near Millstatt many attractive extras were included in the price. In addition to beach use, these included, for example, electricity and water, the Berg+Tal bus, the Burgstaller Express, the Teens Club and various activities including extensive sports activities such as archery, beach volleyball, streetball, bocce, bowling or Nordic walking. Hikes and various excursions can be booked at the information service. No chance for boredom!


We took one of the two Burgstaller express trains to the Burgstaller farm for free. Already the ride in the ancient train was an experience. Various attractions awaited us at the farm: Indian forest, archery, fishing competition, apple pressing and more - fun for the whole family. We also did not miss the 3-country trip personally accompanied by Mr. Burgstaller. In carpools we drove from Carinthia to Slovenia and Italy and back again. There were various historical buildings, a World Cup ski jump and some lakes to marvel at. We visited an Italian market and took a chairlift up a mountain. On the way we had an excellent meal and visited a casino and the duty-free store. Over a Brettljause we happily concluded the eventful day.

Stefan wants to ride

At the Haflinger and pony ranch, our Stefan could pursue his hobby of riding. He is already too big for Shetland ponies. But the Haflinger had done it to him anyway. As an advanced rider, Stefan soon ventured out on a ride with the riding instructor after a few hours on the track.


Our Susanne was drawn to the Teens Club at the Burgstaller Comfort Camping Park. In July and August there is a full program with entertainers and activities such as a video workshop, barbecue party, beach party, horror night, cinema and sports activities such as beach volleyball, soccer and water polo. Susi was totally thrilled to demonstrate her undoubted show talent on the club stage.


We parents had our fun at the Moorneippen. The Fresacher Hochmoor is located near Baumgartner's Buschenschenke. We hiked along the nature trail created by Lotte Baumgartner to the moor Kneipp facility. Funny highlight: the moor face masks with their skin-tightening effect. Afterwards we all had a snack in the Buschenschenke.

See you again at the Burgstaller Comfort Camping Park! For us it is certain: We will come again. There is still so much to see and experience. We can hardly do better when it comes to camping.