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Topi Kids Club

Hello little friends!

My name is "TOPI" and I am at home in the TOPI Club. This is the great children's club that is only available at TOP CAMPING AUSTRIA campsites during the high season.

As soon as you arrive, you get your free TOPI Club pass. You are already a member of the TOPI Club. If you take part in certain events or competitions, which are specially marked in the TOPI Club program, you will get a stamp in your TOPI Club passport.

If you get 4 stamps, you get me in bronze - a medal to wear and take home. If you have 8 stamps in your TOPI Club passport, you can take me with you in silver. For the very hard-working among you there is the TOPI Club gold medal with 12 stamp entries.

TOPI Club services at a glance


  • TOPI Club children's indoor play area, outdoor playground.
  • TOPI Club child-friendly equipment in the sanitary area

Service program:

  • TOPI Club free participation with Club Pass
  • TOPI Club pass
  • TOPI Club events for the acquisition of TOPI medals in bronze, silver and gold
  • TOPI Club child care


  • TOPI children's lunch incl. drink at a fixed price
  • TOPI children's dishes on the menu


  • TOPI Club babysitting service is organized
  • Free rental of child back carriers
  • Discount for children