In Carinthia, Salzburg, Burgenland and Lower Austria, too, everyone looks forward to autumn, when nature wears its colourful dress and atmospheric festivals invite you to socialise and be merry. Guests who prefer peace and quiet will of course also get their money's worth. Treat yourself to a little camping holiday between the lively summertime and the busy pre-Christmas season!




Autumn in Southern Carinthia offers a varied potpourri of culture, sport and traditions. Exhibitions such as "To Hell with Heaven" provide fascinating insights into a wide variety of topics, while active holidaymakers improve their fitness with trial climbing, snorkelling, hiking and cycling.

Events such as the traditional Bleiburg meadow market and the numerous farmers' markets not only provide entertainment, but also give visitors an authentic insight into the customs and traditions of the region. Alternatively, you can unwind and reload your batteries at the many quiet power spots in nature.

KOMFORT-CAMPING BURGSTALLER: Autumn is all about the apple

The apple festival weeks are the crowning glory of a fantastic summer. They take place from 24 September to 09 October 2022. During this time, everything revolves around the harvest and autumn. Apple juice is pressed, cider is made and schnapps is distilled. Everything, of course, with and from the crisp apples of the region.

Highlights are the big apple quiz as well as the elections of the apple queen and the schnapps master. And if you would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the festival: More than 40 bike tours and endless hiking possibilities await you around Lake Millstätter See!

SEECAMPING BERGHOF: magical places and wild animals

Thanks to the special climatic conditions in the south of Austria, it is often still possible to enjoy great water experiences in autumn. However, there are also many magical places waiting to be discovered "on land". The natural jewel "Bleistätter Moor", for example, which boasts a unique flora and fauna. Or the "Peterlewand" with its panoramic viewpoint.

You can take part in an exciting wildlife observation in the Dobratsch Nature Park until October. Together with rangers you go in search of chamois, alpine swifts, golden eagles and even the proud capercaillie. There is also the opportunity to join the "Hüttenkult" hiking initiative, which combines selected hiking experiences with delicious Hüttenkult specialities.


SPORT-CAMP WOFERLGUT: extraordinary packages and events

Sport-Camp Woferlgut has come up with some attractive holiday packages for you this autumn. From the romantic pampering week for two to the top camping weeks for professionals and families, the offers make the already golden autumn shine even brighter. Events such as the Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour, the dam wall tour in Kaprun and the "Einheigafest" of the Zell farming community make your autumn holiday a very enjoyable experience.

Gourmets can look forward to the absolute highlight: the "Festival of Alpine Cuisine" in mid-September. And for sporty campers, a guided summit tour on the Kitzsteinhorn awaits with "My First 3000m"!


STRANDCAMPING PODERSDORF: Young wines and ripe fruit

For wine lovers, autumn in Podersdorf is almost a must, because everything revolves around the delicious grape juice. But the focus is also on another treasure of nature: the pumpkin. It meets first-class young wines at the popular Pumpkin Festival: a combination that makes every gourmet shine.

But even beyond the culinary highlights, there is a lot going on in the region. Even when it rains, there is no way to get bored. Whether it's the exciting surf games, the X-Cross-Run, a visit to the alpaca farm or taking part in the Podersdorf puzzle rally, just pick your favourite event!


DONAUPARK CAMPING TULLN: Pure comfort and relaxation!

Wine is also the focus of the "golden season" in Lower Austria: right into November! At the many wine festivals, you'll have the opportunity to taste the fine wines directly in the cellar alleys. But even for non-wine lovers there are good reasons to take time out at Donaupark Camping Tulln.

Super exciting, for example, is an adventure tour through the publicly accessable Ybbs-Persenbeug power station. Or how about an Autumn stroll through the magnificent gardens of Prince Eugene? At least as enjoyable are the walks and hikes to various enchanting destinations in the region.