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A guest blog by Eva and Ullrich

Hello dear camping friends, we are the Schütze family from Nuremberg: Father Ullrich, son Noah (12), daughter Sabrina (10) and me, Eva, wife and mother. I am sharing with you the story of our camping holiday on the shores of lake Neusiedl.


Noah and Sabrina had for sometime been pestering us with the idea of a camping holiday. My husband and I were not averse to the idea in principle but we didn’t want to purchase either a motorhome or a tent. "Let's rent a motorhome," Ullrich suggested. This sounded like a good idea in order to get a first experience of this kind of holiday. Meanwhile uncle Ernest got wind of our holiday plans and made us an irresistible offer that we definitely couldn’t refuse: "Children, don’t get stressed! I would like to lend you my motorhome. I've got a tent, too." Now it was clear that we were going camping but we had to decide where we would like to go.


We all love water sports: Our children like surfing and kiting, Ullrich and I enjoy sailing. A suitable lake close to a campsite was an absolute must. While researching on the Internet, we came across the portal topcamping.at. We looked around and ended up at a campsite in Burgenland, right by the lake. Podersdorf by lake Neusiedl offers everything we were looking for in regard to camping and water sport possibilities: sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and swimming. There are also opportunities for Nordic walking, tennis, horse riding, cycling and hiking. Boredom is obviously an unknown word in Podersdorf. The gastronomic offer is also marvellous, including wine shops which offer famous international wines.


We went through a period of anticipation before we could finally set off. The motorhome journey from Nuremberg to the campsite in Podersdorf on lake Neusiedl went smoothly. We all spent the first night in the motorhome but afterwards the tent was immediately set up for the children, who found it cooler to sleep outside the van in the tent.

We liked the campsite: The parcelled pitches were equipped with electricity and surrounded by trees and bushes. The site even received the “Energy Globe Award” for its climate and environment friendly measures.

We adapted quickly, got to know our camping neighbours and our children made friends with other kids, or were they already flirting?


The reality exceeded all our expectations. One of the important elements of watersport activities is the right wind. Here we found that the dominant wind was a strong onshore northwest wind, which is ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, kiting and sailing. An additional plus for water sports enthusiasts is the shallow water of lake Neusiedl, although Noah and Sabrina are good swimmers.

The "Nordstrand" in Podersdorf is considered the most modern surfing center in the region. There is plenty of space for windsurfing, a windsurfing school, a well-kept changing area including hot and cold water showers, a surfer shop and a restaurant.

When kiting, beginners and professionals alike get their money's worth. Seeing children of their own age all over the lake gave Noah and Sabrina - both beginners – a feeling of security.

At the "Nordstrand" sailing school we hired a sailing boat. We were impressed by the sailing conditions. The shallow water and the constant wind provided short and steep waves. Thanks to our experience we also managed well under stronger winds.


In 1993, the "Nationalpark Neusiedlersee - Seewinkel" was founded, and Podersdorf was one of the founding members. All four of us had the pleasure of enjoying the unspoilt landscape, the reeds, the mowing meadows and the small sandy areas.


On a camping holiday in Burgenland it would be a pity to cook every day. The regional cuisine and the excellent wines are worth discovering. Ullrich indulged in the exquisite wine offer, which we found in wine shops, wine cellars and wine taverns. One evening, Sabrina opened the conversation by saying "Noah is in love!". At first Noah kept silent but then he mustered his courage and confessed that he liked Linda, who took the kite-course with him. "She is really a great kite-surfer!" he said enthusiastically. "Next year she will come back here." Sabrina grinned and Ullrich said, "A lot can happen in a year. But I also like the idea of coming back next year to the campsite by Lake Neusiedl." We all drummed on the table.

We are looking forward to our holiday in Podersdorf next year.