Statements on Corona from Salzburg, Carinthia and Burgenland

The last weeks and months were admittedly challenging also for us as operators of the Top Camping Austria sites. Nevertheless, we have all made good use of this uncertain time for the delayed start of this year’s season! The already high hygiene standards on our sites have been further strengthened, but also modernisation and construction projects have been put into action.

Read in the following Top Camping Stories about the statements of the Top Camping Austria campsite operators from Salzburg, Carinthia and Burgenland. We are looking forward to welcoming you again at our campsites!


Indoor pool with 50 meter sports pool in the Woferlgut sports camp
Lake with jetty, Sportcamp Woferlgut
[Translate to Englisch:] Außenschwimmbecken, Sportcamp Woferlgut

Statement by Wolfgang Hofer:

"We completely reopened our business on 29.05.2020. Due to the spacious facilities there are no restrictions whatsoever. The only difference is that this summer we will not be actively looking after children, as it is not possible to keep small children at a distance. This was recommended to us by the regional authorities - in the interest of our customers.


It was very busy from the first day of opening. We could mainly welcome Austrian guests, who visited us because of the travel restrictions abroad. They liked their stay and many of them told us that this will definitely be a new destination for future holidays. With the opening of the borders we noticed a huge increase of guests and since then the campsite has been very busy.


During the "quiet" time, it was not at all so quiet in our campsite. We asphalted paths and planted more than 2000 bushes and trees, which changed the look and feel of the campsite. The camping shop was rebuilt to establish a one-way system and a new entrance. Naturally we also installed disinfectant dispensers at critical points. Soap dispensers were of course already mounted everywhere before. We also used the time for various staff trainings regarding quality and Covid-19. Essentially there were few changes in our company, as our hygiene standards already met the new requirements.


Stefan Breznik
Lodgezelt, Camping Breznik

Statement by Stefan Breznik:

"Of course, we are all very happy that our campsite is now open again and we are fortunate to receive a very positive response from our foreign and domestic guests


Our sanitary facilities, which were newly renovated in the last few years, are up-to-date and very accommodating under these new circumstances. Our guests are very, very satisfied with the perfect hygienic conditions.


Our new mobile homes and our two new lodge tents are also particularly popular.

We are very grateful that things are getting better and look forward to a beautiful, accident-free summer season".

Family Schluga
Kitchen and living room, De Luxe mobile home

Statement by Norbert Schluga:
True to our motto "In peace lies strength" we are looking forward to spending a wonderful summer season with guests and friends at our campsites in Hermagor on Lake Pressegger See. During the last months we have worked hard and realised the following projects:


Nature Park Schluga Seecamping

  • Renovated and updated the “Süd” sanitary facilities
  • Installed 4 new standard mobile homes and
  • 4 new luxury mobile homes (with 2 bedrooms, kitchen with dishwasher, terrace, 2 bathrooms... )


Schluga Camping Hermagor

  • Installed 5 new luxury mobile homes and
  • Mobile homes “De Luxe”


Video with owner Norbert Schluga about the current situation


See you soon at our campsites in Hermagor“

Arndt Burgstaller
Submarine, Camping Burgstaller
Camping Burgstaller

Statement by Arndt Burgstaller:

"Since Whitsun our campsite has been in full operation after the Covid-19 lockdown. The animation has been running at full speed ever since and all infrastructure can be used as usual. There is also no obligation to wear masks!


After we introduced "Corona Light" (meaning that we comply with all legal requirements, but no less and especially no more than necessary!) we are surrounded by happy faces. Our guests are happy to be able to spend their holidays as usual and leave the general Corona panic behind. We used the prescribed closing period from February to May for the final completion and fine tuning of the new submarine sanitary building.


10 members of staff were continuously employed. During this time, we built a water playground, a completely new bank wall along the shore and we asphalted the paths around sanitary bloc 1. We also created a toilet bloc in the Indian Forest within the new "Virginia City Outhouse". Together with my wife Sandra, we glued about 500 m2 of foil in the new children's indoor playground and decorated the play-landscape with its giant slide, princess castle, western town, cinema, children's cinema and rehearsal stage. We also built an artificial rock-entrance with huge stone columns.


In addition, we decorated the inside of the submarine to give it the real look and feel. The children will enjoy their submarine sanitary rooms! ...after the 3-month "Corona stop" we were ready as never before... During that time, we also shot a new video series called "TOPI-TV for the kids at home" with our chief animator Fabi. We created 15 episodes and will continue in the autumn with a second season. You can watch the entertaining (often not only for kids!) videos on our Youtube channel. By the way, here you can also find the new music video for the 2nd Burgstaller song "Camping Burgstaller, what can I do for you".

Our guests can look forward to discovering many novelties and numerous new details at our campsite".


Marcus Hartinger and Barbara Ertl
[Translate to Englisch:] Baustelle Seecamping Berghof

Statement by Marcus Hartinger

"During the Corona period numerous measures were completed at our campsite.


For example, we extended the pitches within the areas V and X and equipped all of them with stronger electricity and new water points. A total number of 50 pitches received an update in size and comfort.


The biggest developments in operation, however, are probably the new, winter-proof mobile homes. Initially delayed by Corona, the installation was completed in May. Since the reopening on 29 May 2020, the 7 units, each one providing a good 40 square metres of space, have been very popular with our guests.


With intensive preparations and adaptations, we are able to offer by far the best holiday at Seecamping Berghof … moreover in the corona year 2020!


Reception at the beach camping Podersdorf am See
Campico Campico at the beach camping Podersdorf am See
E-Scooter Campico Campico at the beach camping Podersdorf am See

Operator Statement:

"Full of anticipation we were finally allowed to reopen our campsite on 29.05.2020. Of course, everything was prepared according to the requirements and finalised by then...

At our campsite the rule is: Keep your distance! Keep your distance in front of the reception and inside, in the sanitary facilities as well as on the tent pitches. The latter we have divided, marked and parcelled out to provide enough space. If there are waiting times for registration or deregistration, waiting lines in front of the reception building help to keep the right distance. By introducing a one-way system when entering and leaving the reception and the sanitary buildings, we try to reduce contact between the guests to a minimum.


Speaking of sanitary buildings - we are often asked whether they are open and in full use. Of course, they are! Thanks to the cabin construction all our toilets and showers offer enough distance to the person next door. It’s only in the area where the washbasins are located that we decided to lock every second basin to provide enough distance. Guests can rest assured that there won’t be a traffic jam when they wish to brush their teeth or wash their hands!


Cleanliness was and is always a concern for us. At present, our cleaning staff are increasingly involved, especially in disinfection. Our efforts are effective, and we are receiving a lot of praise from our guests. In addition, disinfectant dispensers have been installed at every entrance and exit, so that everyone can look after their own protection.


Even if plexiglass panes separate us from our guests for their safety in the reception area - we are always there for them with our hearts and with full commitment.

Numerous measures have been taken, which have been excellently accepted by our guests - nothing stands in the way of a nice AND safe holiday at Strandcamping Podersdorf am See.


Away from Corona, there has also been a change in our campsite: The restaurant "Campico" has been "renovated" and now boasts a convincing casual beach flair. Feel the sand between your toes while enjoying ice-cold drinks and delicious food and while your children build sandcastles and enjoy the sun. Nothing can top this holiday feeling!

Our top tip: If you want to discover our beautiful Podersdorf and the surrounding area, we offer e-scooters for rent, with which you can cover further distances easily and comfortably even in hot temperatures.

We are looking forward to your visit! Best regards from the Camping Team “Podersdorf am See”!”"