Fishing boat in the fog, (c) WTG, Hans Peter Zwicklhubert

Camping during the Indian summer and autumn period? Of course! At no other time do the Austrian landscapes look as bright and colourful as then. Clad in wonderful warm golden colours, the foliage shines and the air is most of the time much clearer than in midsummer, so that you can enjoy a particularly fantastic view of the mountains and lakes.

By the way: did you know that autumn fog in the morning, which lies like a gentle veil over the landscape, is a sign of good weather? Usually it is quickly sucked up by the sun... At this point it's time to pack your rucksack, put on your hiking boots and go out into nature!

Our top campsites are well prepared for the "golden" autumn months. And the holiday regions have a lot to offer to make the coming season more varied, cheerful and eventful than ever before. There is no need to be sad about the end of summer, especially as it will be much calmer and more relaxing on the campsites over the coming weeks compared to the high season.

But it is best to get your own impression of our most beautiful camping destinations in Austria and you may look forward to the "golden" days!


Autumn at the Wolfgangsee, (c)WTG/Savel
Traktoria, (c) WTG
Ceremonial driving down, (c) Hörmandinger

It almost seems as if lake Wolfgangsee, which glitters so vividly in summer, feels the approaching autumn. Its surface is often completely smooth and motionless in autumn. How else can this little magic be explained?

The surrounding mountains and forests are reflected particularly intensely in the lake: like a fairy-tale sight that exerts an irresistible magic. At the top of the "Postalm", the "Zwölferhorn" and the "Schafberg", the most beautiful hiking routes invite you to an autumnal discovery tour.

The wonderful air invigorates body, mind and soul and awakens the appetite for delicious pleasures. Well, the alpine huts, snack stops and restaurants have made provisions for you and spoil your palate with special culinary highlights! The focus is on traditional regional dishes.

But autumn is also the time when traditional events take place. Around lake Wolfgangsee there are several great festivals and markets where you can take a leisurely stroll. There is the autumn celebration feast in Strobl, the artisan market in Sankt Gilgen or the "Wolfgangsee-Traktoria" in Sankt Wolfgang for example, where a good atmosphere and fun are guaranteed.

The ceremonial driving down from the alpine pastures at the beginning of October is undoubtedly one of the highlights. Don't miss it when the festively decorated cows are coming back from their alpine pastures into their stables in the village!


Tulln in the autumn, © Stadtgemeinde Tulln, Robert Herbst
Wine autumn Tulln, © Stadtgemeinde Tulln
Tullner Wine autumn, © Stadtgemeinde Tulln

No, it's not a carnival for once! By the fifth season of the year, people in the region mean "their" Tullner wine season, a tradition that has overtime become very dear to this area.

As the name suggests, on the days of the event in September everything revolves around the finest wines and the matching regional delicacies. In the centre of Tulln, you can toast and feast.

And if possible, you do this in style - in Dirndl and Lederhosen. Have you ever thought of celebrating with the locals in a typical traditional costume? The atmospheric ambience guarantees a lot of fun and great company.

And, of course, the winegrowers around Wagram and in the Tullnerfeld can be proud of their precious wines. By skilfully combining innovation and tradition, they have, in recent years, made an outstanding name for themselves, which goes far beyond the borders of Lower Austria.

For you, dear camping friends, autumn is the perfect opportunity to get to know not only the noble wines but also the traditional customs of the region in a convivial atmosphere.

So let's go to Tulln!
The "Weinherbst" takes place from 12th to 14th September 2019 from 4 pm to 11 pm.


Vineyards, (c) NTG/steve.haider.com
National park, (c) NTG/steve.haider.com
Castle Halbturn, (c) NTG/steve.haider.com

With harvest time, the Pannonian autumn arrives in the region around Lake Neusiedl. It has it all, because it offers an irresistible potpourri of culinary delights, nature experiences, lots of cultural events as well as relaxation. Of course, noble wines are the centre of attention here as well. Enjoy the fine wines with lovingly prepared regional delicacies and let yourself be delighted by the cordiality of the gastronomes!

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to a variety of activities in nature. Cycling and hiking, Nordic walking and horse riding: if you want to do something for your body and soul - the fresh autumn air and the magnificent nature around Lake Neusiedl will be just perfect for you.

Nevertheless, it can sometimes be worth remaining completely still. For example, during a bird-watching tour. In September and also in October, you can encounter a wide variety of bird species in the "Seewinkel" region, where they take a short break on their way to their winter quarters. lapwing plovers, avocets and Eurasian curlews are just as much a part of this as the dunlin and the sanderling.

In the evening it is more about cultural events. Numerous concerts and exhibitions take place at the Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt as well as at the Forchtenstein Castle and Halbturn Castle. You should also pay a visit to at least one of the museums during your autumn holiday!


Fisherman at the Klopeiner See,  © Kärnten Werbung, Daniel Zupanc
Carinthia nature experience, © Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl
© Walderlebniswelt

Are you ready for an active autumn holiday with many highlights and "good mood guaranteed"? The region around Lake Turnersee and Lake Klopeiner See offers you an endless number of excursions and experiences in autumn.

The Turnersee bird park, for example, is open until 20 October. More than 1000 animals live here on 20,000 square metres, including colourful parrots, cockatoos, pheasants and birds of prey. There is a terrarium with collar lizards and other exotic animals, as well as a cute petting zoo for the little ones and a beautiful children's playground.

Or how about star gazing? With the ultra-modern telescopes of the Helmrich-Lambrecht Observatory you can look deep into space. The guided tours, which take place from July to September, are a fantastic experience for all small and tall "star-gazers".

The forest adventure world Klopeiner See is a paradise for young adventurers and explorers. More than 70 exciting attractions are just waiting to be conquered by active kids.

And after all these experiences you certainly deserve a breather. Austria's only continuous lakeside promenade at Lake Klopein invites you to take a leisurely stroll after a good meal so that you can fall into a deep and restful sleep at Camping Breznik ...

Autumn at the Ossiacher See, © Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl
Alpe Adria Trail - Gerlitzen Alpe , © Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl
Castle ruins Landskron, © Kärnten Werbung, Sigi Leitner

In autumn, Ossiacher See is a wonderfully tranquil, cosy and even romantic lake. The ships of the Ossiacher See Schifffahrt will set sail for you until mid-October. Use this quiet time for a round trip or a single trip, because the lake shimmers particularly beautifully at the slightly lower angle of the sun!

In addition, you should definitely plan an excursion to Landskron Castle. Not only does it offer you a magnificent view of the city of Villach and the western bay of Lake Ossiach, but it also has two exciting surprises in store for you: the Adlerarena and the Affenberg.

The Adlerarena (which is still open until 27 October) is a fascinating bird-of-prey park where eagles, buzzards, kites, falcons, hawks and sparrow hawks live. Thanks to the perfectly appropriate living surroundings, you have the opportunity to observe and get to know the animals in their completely natural behaviour.

No less impressive is the monkey mountain with its free-living Japanese macaques. During a guided tour through this extensive area you will observe the monkeys as they behave in the wild: the animals are neither trained nor domesticated.

And there is another excursion tip: The Finsterbach waterfalls in Sattendorf are a spectacular nature experience all year round, but after heavy rainfall in autumn the thundering water acquires a gigantic power!

Autumn on Lake Millstättersee, © Kärnten Werbung, Franz GERDL
Lammersdorfer Alm, © FRANZ GERDL
Slowtrail Mirnock, © Gert Perauer

Before the autumn blues hits the mood, treat yourself to a few relaxing days at Lake Millstätter See! The beautiful views of the colourful landscape and the shimmering lake will not only prevent you from having gloomy thoughts but will offer you the best conditions to relax and take a deep breath instead.

Whether hiking on the "Sentiero dell'Amore" (the "Path of Love"), during the series of events "Herbstliches Tafeln am Millstätter See" (Autumn delights at Lake Millstätter See) or cycling along the shore, indescribable moments to enjoy, pause and linger await you everywhere.

Say goodbye to the stress of everyday life and enter an autumnal mountain and lake landscape with its golden glow and wonderfully pleasant temperatures. This will have a soothing effect on body and soul! You will quickly find your personal favourite box seat - perhaps on the romantic viewing platform "Waldbühne auf der Luschan Höhe" (forest stage at the Luschan height) with its fantastic panoramic view, or at the legendary "Granattor", with its mighty pillars filled with countless garnet stones.

Culinary delights in autumn at Lake Millstätter See include the best delicacies. Finest deer carpaccio, air-dried and seductively fragrant garnet and "Nock" ham as well as the various wild herbs of the region make the heart of every gourmet beat faster. You can look forward to perhaps the most beautiful and colourful autumn days of your life!

Karnischer mountain trail © Nassfeld.at,  Daniel Gollner
Cow on the mountain pasture, © Daniel Zupanc, Nassfeld.at
Summer toboggan run, © Daniel Zupanc, Nassfeld.at

At last the temperatures are not so high anymore and you can finally enjoy perfect hiking weather! And while the Carnic Alps are bathed in golden light by the sun and the meadows and forests are transformed into a sea of brightly shining autumn colours, you will be ready to pack your backpack in the Nassfeld - Pressegger See camping destination.

The guided alpine walks to various magnificent destinations are particularly beautiful at this time. Until October, for example, there is a guided tour to the famous Radniger Waterfall every Tuesday. To make sure that you won't lose your strength on the way, you can enjoy a delicious bacon tasting in the Schloss Restaurant Lerchenhof.

At another time you will be able to "look over the shoulder of a dairymaid" and gain fascinating impressions of the life on the Tressdorfer, Rudnig and Tröpolacher Alm.

You may also want to explore things by yourself. The summer mountain railways on the “Nassfeld” are in operation until October. Your bike or mountain bike is of course also very useful during your stay. In this instance you can decide whether and when you would like to exchange your hiking boots for a bicycle helmet to explore the autumn landscape from the saddle!

And if you want to have a fun experiment for the whole family you should know that Carinthia's longest summer toboggan run is in operation until the end of September. With a track length of around two kilometres, the "Pendolino" guarantees great fun and action.