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Ferienparadies Natterer See


A guest blog by Karoline and Jens from Stuttgart

"And again fine dust alert in Stuttgart!" This ongoing fact annoyed us and triggered our joint camping holiday adventure by Lake Natterersee in Tyrol. We, Karoline (27), my husband Jens (28) and our friends Martin (28) and Christa (24) with Christa’s older brother, Jürgen (28). Today I would like to tell you how everything came about and what we experienced on our camping holiday at the little lake in Tyrol…

We generally like Stuttgart, but when we are confronted with air pollution, which happens quite frequently, we get annoyed with town life. On one of these days, the air was full of fine dust, when Jens, Martin, Christa and I got together and dreamed about a getaway trip into unspoilt nature. Leaving the traffic, noise and everyday stress behind us for a week seemed like a great idea. Ideally the journey should not be too long and the holiday budget not over the top and, needless to say, we wouldn’t like to end up in a boring place. After all, Christa considers herself a fashionista and shopping tours are part of her understanding of a relaxing programme. "How about a trip to one of our neighbouring countries?" Jens suggested while starting his research on his tablet. "Yes, Austria sounds good. Maybe somewhere in the Tyrolean Highlands”, Martin and Christa said in support.


We continued our research and quickly found that Ferienparadies Natterer See, a campsite in Tyrol, would be ideal for us because the site is idyllically framed by dense forests, flowering meadows and lush green fields. It is situated on the shore of a small lake but still only 7 km away from the Olympic city of Innsbruck. This meant that Christa and I would certainly be able to discover a few chic boutiques. Our IT specialist Martin cautiously asked: "You were not thinking of going to do some kind of camping in a tent with thermal mats and sleeping bags in Tyrol, and eating ravioli out of a can?" "Oh no, these days are over” answered Jens. “The new fashion is Glamping, which stands for glamorous camping. Here, take a look and see how a Safari lodge tent is equipped nowadays". He handed the tablet over to Martin. "Wow, not bad. This looks impressive. "We could even take Jürgen with us," Christa said, "being single again, he could do with a little distraction." They all nodded in agreement. The lavishly equipped safari lodge would also be a cost-effective choice for all of them.


Safari Lodge Zelt

We left in the morning, drove along the A7 and A12 motorways and arrived at the campsite in Tyrol at about 10 o'clock. The first impression was already very convincing. No wonder, after all "Ferienparadies Natterer See" belongs to the Top Camping Austria group. The reception area is integrated in the futuristically designed, award-winning multifunctional building. A friendly staff member informs us about the various facilities within the building and on the campsite. The building houses a supermarket, a library, a big-screen cinema and a cafe-bistro bar, called "SunSEEbar". There is also a large sun terrace on the top floor. The campsite is designed in terraces, where guests can find their specific pitch. Campers can either be next to the lively lake or choose to rent an accommodation in the Nature Resort. We decided to stay in a safari lodge. Our “Lion Lodge” offers a generously sized living room, a fully equipped kitchen area, dinette area and separate sleeping rooms. The bathroom (including hot water and central heating) with walk-in shower and rain shower head as well as the large covered panoramic terrace with barbecue facility are also part of the great features of the lodge. After a barbecue dinner on our terrace we relaxed in the comfortable lounge furniture and enjoyed the end of our first evening.


On the next day we go off to explore the campsite. What is this? On the way to the supermarket we pass some wooden barrels in XXXL size. What a funny idea! We discovered that this is a stylish accommodation for two people, who are looking for a special holiday atmosphere or a short stay on transit. The whole campsite is very neat and well-equipped. If you come with your own camping gear and you do not want to rent an accommodation like guest rooms, apartments and lodges, you will find generously sized pitches, which are fully equipped. Before we stock up with food from the shop we spoil ourselves on the sun-roof of the general building. We enjoy our drinks, the view onto the lake and the many happy people around. Since we are very lucky with the weather we spend most of our days at the beach and bathing. In the evening Christa’s brother, the hobby chef, surprised us with his delicious dishes. Although we enjoy the self-sufficient life in our Lion-Lodge, we decide to pay the “Seerestaurant” a visit on our last evening. There was even live music entertainment to make the evening even more enjoyable. As if the campsite team knew about Christa’s passion for shopping – there is a free shuttle bus service to Innsbruck, which, of course, Christa and I took advantage of. While the 3 men discover the sights of Innsbruck, the two of us enjoy visiting the most fashionable boutiques.


As we know holidays pass much too quickly. But it was a great break for all of us. High up, raised from the ground, we really felt like Lion-Kings in our Lion Lodge. It was good to take a week off and if you would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city but would still like to be close to a nice little town, we can warmly recommend this campsite in Tyrol at Natterer See.